Nipsey the Great

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Today, rapper, song writer, entrepreneur and community activist, Ermias Joseph Asghedom aka “Nipsey Hussle” is being put to rest. If I can be honest with you, I had never heard of him until the day of his death and for some reason his passing touched me greatly. I read articles, watched videos and listened to interviews of how he grew up from gang banging to changing his lifestyle and becoming a household name not only in his community, but around the world.

When Hussle talked, he appeared humbled and spoke with knowledge. One could even say he was before his time. He has also been related to another rapper who was tragically killed nearly 20 years ago, 2Pac Shakur. They both spoke of their lives, coming up in the streets and speaking truth when it came to social injustice.

In the last few years of his life, Hussle not only achieved fame and notoriety for his music, but for making an impact on the lives of those in his city by giving back, encouraging young people to get an education and not get caught up in gang violence. He bought up several stores, where he lived and employed those who couldn’t get jobs after having criminal records. He cared about his community and wanted it to be known for something good.

Hussle was also a father, a lover, a brother, a son and also a child of God. For most of us, when someone passes, our hope is that first and foremost that they had a relationship with God. Secondly, those who knew them will continue to keep their dreams alive. I don’t know what relationship Hussle had with God, but I do believe that his family, friends and supporters will continue his work and it will not be in vain.

Hussle accomplished more in this world in the last few years than most will ever do in a lifetime. I’m praying for the family and all those who loved him today. I’m also praying that as a nation we will stop the gun violence that have killed so many innocent children, men and women. Rest In Peace.

Below are some of my favorite picks of Nipsey Hussle while in front of the camera. His style game was on point especially when paired up with his lady love, Lauren London.

Pictures courtesy of Getty Images/GQ Magazine