Keeping the Momentum

So I had been on a 2 month hiatus when it came to working out after being sick recently. I was not mindful of what I ate and went back to my old habits of indulging in sweets. It wasn’t long before I was repeatedly asked by my children, “mommy are you doing your workout today?” Or “When are you going to work out?”

I find it funny because I wanted to join a workout group for the accountability, yet little did I know I already had it at home! My children have truly been my personal cheer squad encouraging me in different areas of my life to go harder and push for greatness. Because they constantly remind me of things that I said (and things that I didn’t lol), I don’t have a choice but to address them head on. They have shown me that my actions are seen whether they are positive or negative and that they can leave a lasting impression.

I believe it’s important for us to change our mindset if we want to be successful in life. It’s okay if you stumble along the way, but just like the Bible talks about a righteous man falling seven times and getting back up again, so can you! Don’t worry about how many times you had to start over or what negative comments might have been said, just make up in your mind you are going to keep the momentum going.

Remember, someone is always watching including the ones who know you best! is always watching including the ones who know you best! 😉