To Lip Line or Not to Lip Line? That is the Question.

Recently I was thinking about how back in the day I would wear lip liner to outline my lips. After drawing them just perfect, I would add my favorite lipstick in the middle feeling like my look wasn’t “complete” without the two. One of the other things I did was use my lip liner as my base color and then add some lip gloss on top. This acted like my “lipstick” and worked out well!

Today, busy, married and with 3 kids, I can say I don’t line my lips let alone where lipstick everyday. If I do wear lipstick, it is only on special occasions or when I am going to church. My honest thought process is, who is going to be examining my lips for liner anyway??? My other reason (and maybe it’s because my lips are already full), but I just doesn’t seem to see that much of a difference! ??‍♀️

Reasons to Wear Lip Liner:

1. For those who have very thin lips, liner is going to be great at creating an illusion of a fuller lip.

2. Some like to use lip liner as the base under their lip color to make it last longer.

3. If in the same shade, liner can make the lips look even when filled in with a lipstick.

4. If the color pencil is a different shade then your lipstick, it can create a fun personalized color blend (such as purple liner with pink lipstick slightly blended).

SN: Can you tell which lips above are lined?