Color Street Nails Review

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Hey friends! So I did it, I tried the Color Street polish nail strips and I am impressed! They were pretty easy to apply once I got the hang of them and I love that there were step by step directions along with pictures to help as a guide (even though I totally skipped step 1 and peeled off the strip from the back and applied it and wondered why the plastic was coming up the edge of my nail lol).

As you can see above, the kit came with 16 adhesive nails, 1 mini emery board to file the nail strips down to nail length and 2 alcohol prep pads. It took me about 20 min. to apply (2 min. per nail) and are suppose to last at least 10 days of wear. All I literally did was wipe my nail down with the wipe, placed the sticky sided strip on my nail and stretched it to the end of the nail and cut off access strip with scissors before filing it down.

I actually saved the other half that I cut so I could use it later for another application (now that’s what you call being frugal)! You can also see that I went with a slightly smaller strip on my thumbs which is why you see a little of my nail on the edges. Next time, I guess I will just be going bigger! ?

What do you think?

If you would like to order your own pair in other colors and prints, check out my friend Nikki’s website at you are sure to fall in love!

Update 8/23/19: Here are my nails after 11 days! Not bad actually. I think I probably would wear them up to about 7-8 days to be honest with you because of the peeling on both thumbs. I am still glad I tried them and can’t wait for another style!