How to Dress Your Body Type

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Listen, we have all faced the struggle of what we want to wear versus what we should be wearing. It can also be a struggle trying to find what style of clothes to fit our body type. However, instead of cursing the body that you have, it is best to work with what you have been given.

Keep in mind, dressing in the best or in the latest fashions won’t fix your insecurities. Yet, learning to accentuate your best qualities and minimize what you think might need a little “home improvement,” will help how you and others see yourself. Now let’s look how we can save you potentially spending thousands of dollars on botched and even life threatening surgeries!

There are five common shapes that most women have. Just to help you visualize, I have included some known Hollywood stars for comparison! Also included are a few suggestions to help you get on your way!


Beyoncé has the appearance of an hourglass where her top half is the same proportion as her bottom.

Tips: Stay away from round/high neck tops that will make you look bigger on top as well as unconstructed tops. Instead, wear v-necks, dresses that belt or hug the body. Lastly, high waisted and wide leg pants are a great look on this body type!


Gabourey Sidibe has what can be considered an apple shape where she is fuller across the middle.

Tips: Stay clear of double breasted jackets and belts. Wear v-necks and tops that have somewhat of loose look to take away from the middle. A line skirts/dresses are a plus and jeans/trousers that have a boot cut are your friends!


Jennifer Lopez has the appearance of a pear shape where she is smaller on top and bigger on bottom.

Tips: Fitted tops that especially are bright in color or have a print draw the eyes upward. Sleeveless dresses as well as a wrap/belted dress makes you look more balanced. Also a flared/wide leg dark bottom works wonders!


Claire Danes has a rectangular shape where she has the appearance of a straight look.

Tips: Think volume! Where structured jackets, scoop/wide neck tops and pants that are wider in leg and have pockets. A line skirts are where it’s at!

Inverted Pyramid

Renee Zellweger has the appearance of an inverted pyramid where her shoulders are broad and stand out from the rest of her body.

Tips: Avoid necklines that make your shoulder look broader. Wear thicker belts at the waist to help for a balance. Also try to create more volume on bottom with a fuller skirt or pant leg and embellishments are plus!

Hopefully these suggestions, along with a good diet, exercise and Jesus 🙌🏾, you will have a good jump start on looking and feeling your best! If you need additional help on taking your look to the next level let me know! 😉

I do not take credit for any of the photos listed above.