Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Talk about an easy and yet tasty recipe! I’m starting to believe that anything is better with cheese nowadays! I learned about this guilty pleasure from a friend with her own youtube cooking show called “Switching in the Kitchen” (I will leave the link below). Now I love me some baked mac and cheese and just a good ole’ casserole in general. When I watched the making of this dish and saw the finished product, I was too excited to make it!

It was so delicious it was literally all my husband and I ate that Sunday. My husband enjoyed it so much he baked another pan the next day. Now I will warn you, as tasty as this dish is, don’t make the same mistake we did. Just know that Cauliflower is high in fiber so….eat with care! ?

You can find the full recipe and video here:

Switching in the Kitchen With Vejetta

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  1. Anna, although I absolutely HATE cauliflower and all its pale blandness I took your suggestion to give this recipe a try for my family if 5, non of whom like cauliflower. I deviated from the recipe a bit by not using mac noodles and I added a little bit of smoked cheddar (a little goes a long way) with the other cheeses. As I put the ingredients together and popped it in the oven I couldn’t stop thinking about how terrible and plain cauliflower tastes. By now it’s probably obvious that everyone loved it and I now have a new dish to add to my vegetarian repertoire. Thanks for the suggestion Anna. Next time you make it try the smoked cheddar.

    1. Anna

      I’m so glad your family enjoyed it! Now I have never tried smoked cheddar cheese before so that will be interesting! I will let you know how it goes! ?

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