Bumping Around

Don’t mind me, I’m just reminiscing when it was me and the bump aka “baby J!” Although this last pregnancy did not catch me by surprise, I can say that it’s process definitely gave me a couple of them! One of them being I just knew I was having a girl until the day I actually found out that I was wrong. When the doctor told me it was a boy I said, “Are you sure it’s not a girl?” She laughed and said “Definitely not!”

I will admit I was a little sadden because I wanted to have another girl so my daughter had someone to relate to. She has always wanted a little sister especially to dress alike with. I even had my 5 year old convinced that it was girl early on in my pregnancy (I believed I was speaking her into existence) and it didn’t go well when we found out otherwise! The other thing that lead me to think I was having a girl was that fact that I got sick multiple times in my pregnancy, which I had not with my other boys.

Once I found out the sex of the baby I decided to have a welcoming party, which turned out to be a gender reveal. I just wanted my kids to feel happy that they were having a brother and to love him. Ultimately, I also think I needed to have it for me. I had spoken over my belly many times referencing it as my “baby girl” and I didn’t want my son to come out feeling unwelcome.

At the end of the day you may have hopes for a certain sex of your child, however the most important thing is truly to have a happy and healthy baby. This rang especially true for me when the doctor told me after a visit that their was a slight possibility that my son could be born with Down syndrome and suggested further testing. I of course rebuked the thought of it in the name of Jesus and trusted my baby would come out with no issues.

The day I had my son, I had no thoughts of anything other than having a healthy delivery. Even when I was sitting in that tub at the hospital preparing for my first unmedicated delivery! I honestly didn’t know if I would be able to do it. Yet I conquered mind over matter and knew that my body was created to do this. I also knew some tough ladies who had delivered unmedicated and if God could do it for them, He could do it for me too! When I had my last check to see how dilated I was, I heard 9 cm and I said aloud “I can do this!” My nurse, after hearing me responded “yes you can do this!” ☺️

I can’t tell you how proud of me I am! I did what I set out to do and what I felt was best for me and my baby. Although that pain was REAL, I’m grateful to have gotten through it and to have delivered a healthy baby with no issues! I’m also glad that this is my last child because I don’t think I would want to do an unmedicated delivery again lol.

I Bless God for He is a keeper and a way maker! Amen!

Oh and my children adore their little brother!

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