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One of the best things I could ever produce, is milk for my son. When I think about how God designed the female body, I think it’s so amazing how we can give life and sustain it! I take great pride and joy in being able to nurse my son so when the doctor told me Christmas Eve that I wouldn’t be able to because I had to start antibiotics for a week due to a kidney stone, I was heart broken.

Although my son is nearly 7 months and does some solids, he still loves his mommy’s milk. Night time is when he looks for it the most to help him go to sleep. It may be more of a comfort to him, but he desires it nonetheless. Because I knew this would be a transition, I tried to hold off on the antibiotics for 2 days so I could pump milk and store it for him during the upcoming week. Unfortunately, my milk supply was not up and I couldn’t pump much milk. I had 3 bags of frozen milk left and I added and additional 3 bags ranging from 3 oz-5oz.

The first day was okay, but then when night fell, my son was not having it. He cried throughout the night. I tried to give him formula to supplement and he threw up what appeared to be all 5 oz and refused to take anymore. I just knew there was no way my baby was going to go a week without his milk. After I made a call to the Urologist, his Pediatrician and consulted with “MotherToBaby,” I decided after I took my meds, I would pump and dump throughout the day to keep up my milk supply. I would do this until 12-13 hours had passed and then nurse my son until it was time for my meds again.

There are no real studies on whether the antibiotic tamsulosin actually has any effects on babies, however based on its class of medication, in addition to how old my son is, I learned it was not likely to have an effect on him. Yet in my mind I still had that “what if” factor.

I can say so far all seems to be going well and I haven’t notice any reactions such as drowsiness, lethargy or poor feeding (symptoms to look for particularly under 2 months). I now have 2 more days to go on antibiotics and I am praying that is it! I’m also praying that other issue, the kidney stone, has already passed without me knowing and that the next CT scan will show all clear! ??

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  1. Apostle Karen/Mama Fountain

    ???????? Continue to believe and trust God. Either God has disolved it or like you said it has already passed and my grandson will have no reactions to the meds you are taking…
    All is well and it is so In Jesus name!!!

    1. Anna

      Amen! Thank you!!!

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