Sweet Potato Pound Cake

Now this was a first! I usually leave it up to my mom to make pound cakes in our family, but when she shared my grandmother’s secret recipe on my dad’s side, I had to try it…but with a twist! I decided to add a little of sweet potatoes to the mix. Thanksgiving was my debut and I was determined not to mess it up. I wanted to use my grandmother’s recipe, but because it didn’t call for sweet potatoes, I looked for a similar recipe that did.

I have had sweet potato pound cake before and knew it was delicious, but because I was making it for the first time, I decided to use one sweet potato and purée it into the batter. Mind you, it didn’t help that my eldest son was adamant that he would not eat it because it wasn’t “grandma’s pound cake.” When it was all said and done however, guess who enjoyed the cake the most and couldn’t get enough of it? Smh ☺️

Although I can’t give you my secret ingredient, I can provide you with the recipe I used as a compliment! Oh and instead of using orange juice and orange zest for icing, I decided to use apple juice instead! Maybe next time I will do caramelized pieces of cinnamon apples on top too! ? I hope you enjoy! Sweet Potato Pound Cake