The Road Back

The other day I was thinking about how I used to dress up allll the time especially at work and I enjoyed it! Matter of fact, the last time I did was in 2017 when I was working a job where it was required. After that, my next job required scrubs, then I went to working remote and didn’t even have to show my face! ?

During the transition of my jobs, I also went from one church that required women to wear skirts to my present church where you come as you are. I dressed up on occasion, but not as much as I had used too. Then I had my fourth child and when I got toward the last few months of pregnancy, dressing up was the furthest from your mind!

I can say that the girl that used to style others for a living had became accustomed to wearing jeans, sweats and tee shirts a lot more often. It wasn’t till trying to loose the baby weight that I really began to pay attention to how I looked physically and the way I dressed and I didn’t like it. With the help of nursing, a little exercise and intermittent fasting, I gradually lost my baby weight within a year of giving birth. Not long after, I joined a workout group and started to make some lifestyle changes.

While in my workout group, I exercised nearly everyday and it included a full body core workout and 1-2 miles run/walk. I felt great and had results. I lost some weight AND THEN the holidays hit (as they always do)! Just like that I am making and taste testing peppermint bark, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies and more! ? Needless to say, I stopped working out for 2 months and I gained back about 5 pounds!

Before we got into the New Year, I decided I needed to get back to the lifestyle and discipline I once had and began working out again. I literally have 10 pounds to loose to get to my pre pre baby weight (yep, that’s what I said). I’m not stressing though because if I did once, twice and three times before…I can certainly do it again! ?

I may not be at the weight I want to be, but I know what I need to do to get there and consistency will always be the key. I have also decided that I’m no longer going to hold myself back from dressing up and wanting to feel my best. Life is too short to be waiting on the “perfect time” to do anything. You got to work with what you got until you can get to where you want go! So now if you see me in these streets looking extra cute, you already know! I’m on the road back. ?