RelationShifts Event

My husband and I attended the “RelationShifts” event yesterday hosted by our church. We had dinner, enjoyed the company of other couples, did some exercises and were reminded about what it means to be in a marriage. It was a great time for us to just concentrate on us.

After the event, there were two things that resonated with me. One was that your marriage won’t always be 50/50 and the second was the importance of having a covering. I feel as though if you are not careful, the world will have you thinking that marriage consists of having the perfect spouse and that you are suppose to be filled with nothing, but happy days, lots of sex, living in a big house with 2 perfect children…and let’s not forget about the dog!

Well listen, marriage is far from that. Just know that those vows that you cited “for better or for worst” were put in place for a reason. Yes, marriage can be fun, especially when you have chosen to be with the right person, but it still comes with some challenges. Through it all there is something about coming home and seeing that one person who accepts you for all for your good and your bad and still chooses to be in partnership with you in this place called life.

Not only that, but to have someone stay with you and want to work things out even if the odds appear to be against you. Yet they still pray and keep you covered speaks volumes. Always remember the vows that you took and don’t be afraid to remind your spouse too. We all need grace in life and your spouse is not exempt from it.

God said in His word that it was not good for man to be alone and therefor He created woman as a help mate. Understand that God knew exactly what you needed before you needed it. Be encouraged and know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. This includes your marriage.