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Wow my first blog! This is such a monumental step for me and I am so excited to share it with you! In this blog you will find all things pertaining to fashion; including hair, lifestyle, fun facts and everything in between. I plan to share my thoughts and educate in hopes that you will feel inspired and maybe try something new. Now a little on my background. I was born in 1981 at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Ill. where one of my favorite movies, “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford was filmed. I spent most of my life living in Alexandria, VA. My mother is from Ghana located in West Africa….and no I do not speak the language, but I can get the gist of the conversation make no mistake! I am the second eldest growing up having both my parents, two sisters and a brother. I currently live in Richmond, VA with my husband of 12 years, my son Lamar (age9), daughter Olivia (age 6) and son Josiah (age 3).

My work history is mostly retail and administrative related. Just up until a few months ago, I was a department manager at a store some of you may be familiar with called Nordstrom. It was there that I was exposed to fashion and fashion designers on many levels. For over a decade I have been able to style clients for various occasions and help them change their lives.In addition to my love of fashion you can add photography and writing. Anyone who knows me know I always have a lot to say. Like many, my outlet was keeping a journal when I was younger. There I could write anything I wanted and how I wanted. I loved writing so much that I wrote for my high school newspaper and was the Features Editor my senior year.

In addition, when I am led to, I enjoy writing music. I am also working on finishing a book that I started years ago and never finished because I allowed other unimportant things to come first. You know them, TV, TV and more TV! On a serious note, my goal is to have at least one book completed by this time next year and continue to start other businesses.


As for photography, I just love taking pictures. I love capturing moments in time. I mainly take pictures of family and different functions that I am asked to be apart of. Please don’t have any misconceptions, I am no Annie Leibovitz. She is someone who has photographed the top celebrities and captured them at their very best for years. Her work is amazing! As for me, I don’t have to photograph celebrities, but I will make sure I bring out only the best in my work.

My Faith and my family are the most important things to me. I thank my strong and supportive husband who helps to lead and guide me…Lord knows I am a lot to handle! I also thank God for my children who are truly the light of my life. I am the woman I am today through Christ. I am Christian and I don’t believe in preaching the WORD and not living it. I am not perfect, but I will live my life striving to be. With God ALL things are possible, you just have to believe and have the patience to see it come to pass.

“At the end of the day, fashion is whatever you want it to be
as long as it’s you.”

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  1. Kia

    Anna!! Awesome-I LOVE your blog!! Congratulations! I am now a faithful subscriber!!!

    1. Anna

      Awe thank you!!! I appreciate it! ????

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