I’m A Pear!

Yes, your reading it right...I'm a "Pear." Over the years our bodies have been categorized as either being an Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle or an Inverted Triangle shape. While styling…

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Top Trends

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Just incase you haven't heard, these are a few of the most current fashion trends for the season! 1) Leather-Get it in a motorcycle style jacket, skirt or dress, for…

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My Favs!

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This season you can catch me on any given day wearing one of these cute and trendy pieces! (Clockwise) *3/4 sleeve tweed exaggerated collar jacket by Nordstrom * Cuffed skinny…

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Vince Camuto

*Born in Manhattan, NY in 1950 -Italian descent *Began his career as a footwear designer before co-finding Nine West Group (known as Nine West) -He created the company name in…

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The Road To Fashion

So if you read my header, you may be wondering what does she mean that "fashion isn't 'Fashion' until you can inspire others?" Well let me break it down. When…

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