Weekend Wear

The weekend before last, I went up Northern VA to visit family and decided to throw on this number. Since getting my army fatigue jacket nearly a year ago, I can say I have hardly worn it. However, even with […]

Come on Spring!

Its almost Spring and I cannot wait!!! I amongst many, look forward to warmer weather and on a consistent bases! I couldn’t believe when we recently had all 4 seasons in one week! Even though the weather has been kind […]

Sumtin Different

I enjoy going though my closet and throwing outfits together and even moreso when its a look that is not so matchy matchy. For some this might not be out there, but for others like myself, this is just enough! […]

Be Smooth

I love this look! My outfit was on point and my hair was too! Lol. So I have worn this grey top and pant together before, however this time I wanted to add a printed scarf for contrast and my […]


When it comes to fashion I love pieces that are different. When I saw this poncho style sweater I immediately fell in love with it! I soon found out that it was called a “snood” because the part that folds […]

My go to Piece

Ok so you may not know this, but my go to piece for the last couple of months have been this fabulous black leather jacket! I have worn it as part of my outfit throughout the day as opposed to […]

Cropped Sweater

Cropped sweaters are still popular for the season. You may be wondering why that is considering its cold outside. Well, for some it’s all about showing some skin despite the weather. For others, they can layer the look for a […]

Mello Yellow

Omgeee, what a busy week I have had! It is always tough when you have been gone for a while and then having to get back into the groove of things. I guess it’s like going on vacation and then […]

Yes to the Skirt

Finding the right skirt can be a challenge at times, especially if you have a small waist and big hips. Trust me, spandex is very much appreciated by me! I love this particular skirt because it was different than anything […]