24 Hours Later

So I don’t recall being “sick and shut in” for this weekends forecast, however the rain was fitting for the occasion. My whole entire house had a stomach virus. My 4 year old son started off as soon as he […]

A Time to Fast

I thought I would be doing my week of veganism around this time like I had  mentioned the end of last year, but my Pastor has decided that our church will be fasting which starts tomorrow.  Each week will be […]

In the New

I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year! Now this is the time when everyone comes up with resolutions that consists of losing weight, eating healthier, stopping addictions and even reading the Bible from front to back. […]

Go Through It

We all have faced or are still facing challenges in 2013 that have tested our FAITH. Whether it was loosing a loved one,  getting laid off,  financial struggles or receiving an upsetting diagnosis, if your still here today that means […]