I love helping people feel good by looking great on the outside and boosting their confidence. However, notice I said "boosting." Having self confidence in my opinion is not something…

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Something Good

Mannnn, how I miss not having to worry about the humidity and frizzing much less do anything to my hair with these faux locs. I also didn't mind all the…

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Red, White and Blue

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With 4th of July comes not only a time to celebrate our Independence Day, but a time most share creating memories with family and friends at the beach, cookouts and…

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Victoria Beckham for Target Collaboration

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This past Sunday was the reveal of Victoria Beckham's collobration with Target in store and it was pretty cool! Prior to hitting my local Target I checked out Beckham's designs…

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Nothing New

It's always great we you can pull out an old piece of yours and pair it with another old piece and still create an awesome look! I am all about…

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Going With the Flow

Like most of my titles that describe either what I am wearing or how I am feeling, this one is no different. I am literally going with the flow. At…

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Summer Styling

Can I tell you about this great buy I found at Target for only $12! I have wanted a cross back top since last year that was tastefully done and…

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Simplistic Plaid

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I don't wear plaid much,  but I do love it on other people. I branched out when I decided to buy these pants I found on sale at Target some…

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Joseph Altuzarra for Target

Joseph Altuzarra is the latest designer to collaborate with Target to create a sophisticated and affordable line for women that debuts this Sunday, September 14th. Altuzarra, who is French, launched…

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This is the second time I'm wearing this gorgeous leopard print midi that I received as a gift from my sis. If you remember, I wore it last season with…

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