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Vegan Pop Tart Recipe

Sorry for the delay! I meant to post this a week ago and got busy. I actually made these twice with two different recipes. The

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RelationShifts Event

My husband and I attended the “RelationShifts” event yesterday hosted by our church. We had dinner, enjoyed the company of other couples, did some exercises

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For the Love of Butter!

I love making whipped body butters and up until recently I have only worked with Shea butter because I was most familiar with it. Now

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From Fashion to Healthy Eating with Recipes!


“Being apart of the A Stylish Affair” event was actually a nice experience. I’m a bit shy when it comes to “modeling” in front of a crowd, but it was fun. The style of clothing GokaBean been put together fit my personality. GokaBean went for the casual relax style you could wear to the office or an after work function! “
Wendell Dominique
“I love using the whipped shea butter with almond oil and Lippies lip balm. The shea butter makes my skin feel soft and gives it a nice little glow and I always get compliments on my color tinted Lippies; my lips love the moisture and I love the delicious smell!” ❤
Latesha Chambliss
"Thanks for organizing my closet! I stood in my closet several awe at how different it looks.  I have so much more room!  I know what shoes I have and it will be much easier for me to get dressed for work!  I'm inspired to decorate it. The tips and feed back you gave were soooo useful!  I can tell you love what you do! I will be sure to spread the word."
Tricia Van Rossum

"I was a little nervous before Anna came into my closet because I was convinced there would not be much to be found. Boy was I wrong! Anna created three different looks from a piece I had totally overlooked! I was not only amazed, but I felt very confident in what she put together! I now have 3 very classy looks all centered around one piece! I am super excited!"

Aretina Young
“I had the pleasure of working with Anna for my recent brand photo shoot and my experience was excellent. I never did a brand photo shoot before so I didn't know what to expect or how to prepare. I  had several different pieces I purchased but didn't know what pieces would be a good fit for my brand message. Anna came over to my home and even brought some back up accessories of her own to make sure my look was complete. 

We spent several hours at my home trying on different pieces until we got my final 3 looks. Not only did the pieces speak to my brand but through the process Anna was very conscious on making sure that I was represented well as a wife and mother. My photo shoot turned out amazing and everyone loved my looks. I look forward to working with Anna more for my future styling needs.”
Cynthia Williams-Bey
"From experience, I know that nothing will expose dry & crusty lips like a matte lipstick! That's why before I apply my lip colors I absolutely must exfoliate my lips. After using my Lippies Lip Scrub, my lips were silky smooth. I wet my lips with some warm water, buffed in my Lippies Lip Scrub for about 2 minutes with a slightly damp rag and rinsed it off with warm water. Afterwards I applied my Coconut Lippies Lip balm. The coconut oil gave my lips a gorgeous sheen while also sealing in moisture! Afterwards my lips were matte lipstick ready! I couldn't be happier!"
Sadira Gray